British artist, illustrator and author Morgan Fitzsimons

Morgan Fitzsimons is a British artist, illustrator and author. Born in the North of England in 1939, she has been drawing and painting since she could hold a brush. Morgan studied at the LJMU, gaining her N.D.D., A.T.D. and B.A. Morgan is a traditional artist and works in many mediums.



Morgan’s work has been displayed all over the world, from the railings of bridges in Paris as a young girl, to her own gallery in later years. Her most notable commissions over the years include gifts for ambassadors and royalty, fantasy portraits and huge murals. Morgan also designed and made costumes for various opera and theatre companies. She has lived and travelled all over the UK as well as France, Germany, Africa and USA.

Morgan has worked as a wildlife artist for several charities and organisations. She taught in schools for over 20 years and retired as Head of Special Needs. Her physical disability and family circumstances led her to retire from teaching to concentrate on her art, writing and community involvement. Over the years she has developed and published educational packs and teaching aids.

Titania, queen of the fairies painting by Morgan Fitzsimons
lazy afternoon mice painting by Morgan Fitzsimons
Fierce roaring tiger painting by Morgan Fitzsimons


"I want to continue to do what I love for as long as I can"

Morgan hopes to continue painting, writing and publishing for as long as possible. She hopes to publish more educational and creative learning material in the next few years. There are plans to publish several novels. She also plans to continue to support and create for charities and organisations.

Patcwork bunny painting by Morgan Fitzsimons

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